Child DNA Printing, Individual DNA Profile

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Individual DNA Profile



Just by the use of a cheek swab from the mouth, the systems we use are recognized by the FBI and the Police, and will be provided to you in a formal report. DNA Testing Centre has developed the ultimate in identification. The DNA Certificate has proved to be valuable in many different segments. The powerful DNA profiling technology is encouraged to be used by parents with newborn children, siblings or when adopting newborn children. Insurance companies use DNA profiling as a precautionary tool to protect against life insurance fraud. Lawyers are bundling these services with packages, such as the Last Will and Testament, to assist in protecting the assets of large estates. Funeral homes are bundling these certificates with other products and services.
Once the specimens for the DNA Identification are received by DNA Tesitng Centre the GeneCertificate will be available in one week. We have specialists available to help answer any questions that you may have regarding the procedure.


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